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Andrew J. Rodriguez Biography


Sound Engineer, Andrew J. Rodriguez, MBA; is the owner of Prodigy Audio Studio.


Rodriguez completed his film undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas where he earned a bachelors degree in 2012.


Andrew has traveled to: Norway, Finland, England, France, Canada, Haiti, Latvia (Baltic States), Ireland and Spain.


In 2017, Rodriguez completed his graduate studies at Kansas Wesleyan University earning a Master of Business Administration degree.


Andrew founded his band, Elctrikchair, in 2003  touring throughout the U.S. and in British Columbia for over a decade.


Dust2Dust Music Network considers all global music projects.


All fees are negotiable and include travel costs.


Dust2Dust Music reserves the right to accept or decline any project proposal.


Professional Services:


  • business and consumer music recording and mastering
  • studio musician (electric guitar, electric bass and vocal)
  • business and consumer film production (ie:  real estate, documentaries, training, special events)
  • business video (real estate, training and development, weddings and special events)
  • business and consumer photography (real estate, special events)
  • sound management (weddings and special events)
  • business and consumer event consulting
  • business projects (independent contract, P/T or temporary)
  • remote music business article writing, podcasts





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