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Robert F. Rodriguez Biography

Director of Music, Robert F. Rodriguez, owns  Prodigy Music Studio.


Robert first played drums at age nine.  By the time he was eleven, Rodriguez was performing live on professional stages throughout the United States and in Vancouver, British Columbia.


A music prodigy, he was selected as the youngest member (set drummer) of the iconic professional big band, Thundering Cats.


Robert has been a professional musician for over a decade.


Rodriguez is currently touring internationally, performing live on stage with world renown artist musicians.  Performances consistently draw capacity crowds and standing ovations.


Robert will soon complete his undergraduate degree at Kansas State University and begin working on graduate studies.


Rodriguez is the principal of www.weddingmuzik.com


Professional Services:


  • bands of every genre (weddings and special occasions)
  • set drum performance (all events)
  • jazz combo (all events)
  • set drum Instruction (middle, high school and adult)
  • studio musician (set drums, guitar, electric bass, vocal, piano)
  • percussion demonstrations
  • music/video editing and production
  • business and consumer music event consulting
  • music directing


All fees are negotiable.





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