Dust2Dust Music® Live Music Global Network


Dust2Dust Music, is an independent  business inspired by global music artist musicians and their fans.


Our supporters are the backbone of our organization.


We advocate on behalf of music performers to ensure they are fairly compensated for their endless hard work and have sufficient resources.


There is power in numbers.  Admirers and supporters of music are our inspiration.


Please use this PayPal access to sponsor Dust2Dust Music.


We accept sponsorships throughout the continental United States and from countries around the world.


Dust2Dust Music depends on sponsors and grants from individual contributors and businesses to enable us to promote music on a global scale, in regions of the United States and for the benefit of our local communities.


Your generous support is appreciated, a heartfelt thanks to all of our friends and sponsors.


Recommended sponsor levels:


FIVE STAR  $5000 plus


FOUR STAR  $1000-$4,999


THREE STAR  $500-$999


TWO STAR  $50-$499


STAR  $1.00-$49



If you have questions, please use our contact form to send a message.








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